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Zimbabwe is a beautiful country with rich natural resources and joyful welcoming people. Here are some of the big things to know about Zim...

  • It's located in Southern Africa between South Africa and Zambia.

  • It is roughly the size of Montana.

  • ApProximately 15,000,000 call Zimbabwe home with Shona being the primary language and people group.

  • Zimbabwe was formerly know as Rhodesia but fought for independence in 1980.

  • There is so much more to tell you about Zimbabwe, it's people and culture.  We'd love to share more in person with you.

Out of all the places in the world, how did it come to Zimbabwe that the Smith family was called to serve?  Quite simply, Zimbabwe chose us.  As we prayerfully and thoughtfully approached the idea of serving as missionaries we didn't tell TEAM (our sending agency) where we wanted to go.  Instead we took a harder road but one that has served us well.  We insisted on relationship to help guide us.  Through many phone conversations and skype video calls we slowly got to know TEAM and the missionaries already serving in Zimbabwe.  We shared with them our experience and persistence with farming, health care and church planting and they guided us through the needs that the Church of Zimbabwe had and saw a fit.  This past summer the family sold our flock of sheep to fund a 10 day trip to Zim to meet the other missionaries working in the field and to see the projects underway.  One of the most significant things to happen was the beginnings of a instant friendship with Bishop and Amai Soda of the evangelical church of Zimbabwe.  We spent quite a bit of time with them in the Bishops home village and dreamt of the time when we could be working together to restore the rural missions stations to a version of what they once were.  

But why the Smith Family?  We have earned with perseverance the title of ER Nurse, Farmer, Shepherd, Rancher, Planter and disciple maker.  Our hearts burn with a sense of debt to share what He has crafted inside us.  Someone once invested in Renee and I to mentor us into each of those roles, and what a crime NOT to put them to use for Kingdom work.  The Lord of All has called us by name for a task set to glorify Him and bring restoration to a community that has invited us.  The only piece missing at present is you.  Renee and I have already contributed our lives, our savings, our retirement , the sale of all our belongings, the sale of our business and home.  We are prepared to give even more in sacrifice then stretched further with faith.  The Smith family is all in, holding nothing back of ourselves, our finances or our desires.  

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