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Words - by Geoffrey

A few words for those who don't have the words. 

Have you seen these posts and sentiments from our "leaders" that say things like "I just don't have the words"? 

A famous local Houston pastor who has written many books, speaks internationally posted simply "I don't have the words"  in response to the horror in Las Vegas.

Not even going to try to dance around it, it pissed me off so much!  

No wonder the church has been shrinking exponentially in the last 20 years.  No wonder Christians and those who don't share our beliefs are growing more and more disinterested in what happens in our buildings. 

When evil strikes in any form, for many years now our church leadership has given us this line in different forms ....I just don't have the words.  

Here's a starting point for famous pastors, neighbors, Christians and friends a like when your leaders fail to lead.  

When your homes flood and you are scared and worried ...I'll tell you that you are welcomed in my home.

When the TV tells you news that breaks your heart ....I will tell you that you're safe here with me. 

When your spouse and you aren't seeing eye to eye and you say something in anger that you want to desperately take back.....I'm going to tell you that you can be forgiven, forgive yourself and to go tell her you love her. 

When disappointment twists in your heart and you are at your most vulnerable .....please let me tell you that there is reason to cling to hope. 

When you feel down, lost and can't take it another minute.....for the love of God hear me that you are precious and loved just the way you are. 

When you feel that you've melted into the background of someone else's story and your voice feels so small.....please let me tell you that there is freedom to be found and offer my hand to you to walk this road with you. 

When you just can't seem to find any rest and you hustle, hustle, hustle and it still doesn't seem to be enough ....please dear friend hear from me that there is peace just within reach.  

Pray with me right now friend.  Bow your head close you eyes, and send this out with your heart.  Thank you Father for giving us the words when others fail us.  Thank you for giving us the words of joy - hope - peace - safety - courage - rest and above all, love.  Show us today your grace to see those words alive in our world.